Frequently Asked Questions

Are 4D Plates Legal?

The short answer is yes, 4D plates are completely legal if made to the correct legal standards set by the DVLA.

Do 4D Plates prevent cameras from reading my registration?

No 4D Number Plates don't prevent cameras from reading your registration.

Are Gel Plates Legal?

Yes Gel Number Plates are completely road legal as long as they are made up to the standards set by the DVLA

What Are Show Plates?

Show plates are Number Plates that are made for show use only, for example these can be used at events/shows and can contain social media handles, logo's & text.

Show plates do not contain the correct legal text on the bottom of the plate e.g. Company Name, postcode & the British standard mark // BSAU

Are Tinted Plates Legal?

No, Tinted plates are not road legal, all tinted plates we make are for show uses only. (NOT FOR USE ON ANY PUBLIC HIGHWAYS)

Are short plates road legal?

Yes short plates are completely road legal if made to the correct legal standards.

We make short plates for all registration sizes, all of which meet the legal requirements.

Are Number Plate Flags Legal?

All of the standard country flags of the United Kingdom are road legal e.g. England, GB, UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland & EV (Electric Vehicle) / Green

However customised blacked our flags are not.

All of the flags sold within our store are road legal.

Are Hex plates Road Legal?

Yes all of our Hex Plates are Road Legal, we also make Hex Plates for all reg sizes.

Can You Have Neon/Coloured 4D Number Plates?

Neon & Coloured Number Plates are not road legal and can only be made for show use.

Are borders on Number Plates legal?

Yes, Borders are completely legal whether they're printed, Gel or 4D

How should I install my Number Plates?

We provide free sticky pads with every set of number plates ordered, meaning it is a straight forward process to stick them on.

All you have to do is make sure the paint/surface of your vehicle is clean and dry.

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